Friday 31st December 1943 – “What a war! Just because somebody’s coming – it’s just like the farms committee!!”

Sigmn. Moore J.T.


Dear All,

I suppose you will have been expecting a letter now for two or three days but I hope you haven’t been getting worried. All this week we have been tearing about on duties and I haven’t had time to do the odd jobs such as writing, or sorting myself out. Anyway it is now 9 p.m. and I’ve just come off duty so here goes.

There’s not much to tell you because I’ve been on shifts every day and night since last Tuesday. I am off tomorrow but I am on cookhouse fatigues! Anyway I shall get a night in bed tonight and an evening off tomorrow with a bit of luck.

Next week some big pot is coming from somewhere to inspect us. You never saw such a fuss in all your life. This morning (when I should have been in bed) we had to parade in best clothes for a practice inspection. Well, on three occasions I’ve tried to get my cap changed without success and when they saw it this morning they changed it in five minutes!! What a war! Just because somebody’s coming – it’s just like the farms committee!! I hope I’m on duty when he comes anyway.

It’s raining heavily toight but really it’s quite mild. I doubt if we shall get any more snow now – hope not at least.

How are you after the excitement (?) of Xmas? I got Dad’s letter and was very pleased – especially as it was longer than usual. I can well imagine that those poor chaps would appreciate the eggs on Christmas day. Pity there were so many of them or you would have been able to do more.

That’s all I’ve time for now. If I’m not on much on Sunday I’ll try to write again but don’t get alarmed. As soon as I can, I shall send washing.

Lots of love,

In haste,

John xxxxxxxx

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2 Responses to Friday 31st December 1943 – “What a war! Just because somebody’s coming – it’s just like the farms committee!!”

  1. Frances says:


    I heard you speak on Radio Leicester and am delighted to read the letters. I will take particular interest in those letters still to be published, as my father was in the Far East during the same period, and he never really spoke about his time there. He passed away in 2003 and all we have are a few photographs of his army life.

    Thank you for sharing the letters.


  2. David says:

    Hi Frances

    Thanks for the kind comments, I’m glad you are enjoying the letters.

    When my Dad passed away in 2008 all we knew of his war experiences were a few comments over the years, he never seemed keen to talk about it although we were interested. Finding the letters was wonderful, it is giving us a first hand account of what it was really like at the time, I only wish he was here to explain some of the details!



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