Thursday 3rd September 1942 – “Don’t worry, everything is fine”


9.5 pm. 3rd

Dear All,

Just a very hasty note ready for posting first thing in the morning. Did not have time to write postcard and never saw pillar box anyway.

Everything very satisfactory up to now. In barrack room (permanent) with 21 more chaps – jolly good fellows, mostly Cockneys. Had decent supper soon after getting here and we have a good lance corporal but we have not seen the sergeant yet. We’ve got all our bedding and our mug which is a great big vessel holding about half a pint of tea, and knife, fork and spoon.

I was not on my own during any part of the journey.

I thought I shouldn’t be able to give you the address but the corporal has just given it to us.

All the chaps in this room by the way are between 17 and 22. We have hot water laid on – hot and cold showers – super! Get up 6 in the morning. Breakfast 6.45 Dinner 1 – 2.30 Tea 5 and we are free every night after that till 9.30 or 12 unless we are on any sort of duty.

Shall have to close now as I am very tired. Will write again tomorrow if possible. Don’t worry everything is fine.



The address is:-
No 14400541
Pte. Moore J. T.,
No 32 Platoon,
Y Coy.,
No 5 P.T.C
Catterick Camp,


Written on reverse of envelope –

Please send comb. On copper or in navy suit J.

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  1. Christne Burnett says:

    Read this fascinating story in Leics Mercury and will try to follow it. I don’t do twitter, but will keep checking. I have an Uncle who was in the Army, but was captured by the Japs and spent the rest of war in POW camp in Japan. He is now 93 and alive and not doing too bad, and is a treasured member of the family. He only talks about it when he has had a drink, but not much.

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