Sunday 28th February 1943 – “the sergeant told us some of his experiences in the army in India before the war!”

Sig. Moore J.T.
H.Q. 3 Company,
12 Corps Sigs.
Home Forces.

Sunday 3 p.m.

Dear All,

I’m sitting outside in the sunshine writing this letter and it is very warm. Guard has come round again rather quickly and I take over at 6 tonight till 6 tomorrow night. This is the second time in 9 days but we’ve got reason to believe that we shall have to do it twice a week fairly soon. Q.B. does it once every 4 nights.

On Friday morning we were at the Odeon seeing some training films. In the afternoon we just messed about until pay parade at 3 p.m. and then the sergeant told us some of his experiences in the army in India before the war! That took us up to tea time – so much for Friday.

On Saturday morning we went for an hour’s march then did a bit of training till 11. Then, as is usual on Saturday mornings we had to tidy the billet up. This really means that you tidy the billet up if you are grabbed by an N.C.O. but if you make yourself scarce, you don’t get grabbed by an N.C.O., and consequently you don’t tidy the billet up. So far I’ve been lucky!

Quite a few of us spent yesterday afternoon blancoing our equipment ready for guard and after tea I went to the pictures with Stan Sunderland. Three of us usually go round together but Kelly the other one was on guard last night. Stan Sunderland is second from the right of the front row of the O.T.B. photo. The chap next to him on the extreme right often goes with us as well.

This morning we all had to parade to the parish church for an early service and we got back here just after 10.30 and again made ourselves scarce. Actually three of us went for quite a long walk through some little villages and farmyards and got back just nice for dinner, nobody having missed us. That brings me up to date once more.

Was pleased to get Mam’s letter yesterday afternoon. As you say Geo. does not get home so much now, he hasn’t had leave since we were both home. I can’t tell you any more about my leave. But I shall try for 48 hours within the next two or three weeks. I should like to get 36 hrs. when Dad is in London but as far as I can see it now, this would mean that I shouldn’t get a 48 hr. pass unless one was for compassionate reasons. Anyway I’ll see if we get 72 hours we might have to pay our own fare but they do make certain reductions on week end passes.

Shan’t be able to send my washing until about the middle of the week but there’s not much.

No more for now as it’s nearly tea time and we’ve got to turn out really smart tonight.


John xxxxxxxx

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