Thursday 25th February 1943 – “I can’t imagine what it must be like down here during the real summer months”

Sig. Moore J.T.,
H.Q. 3 Company,
12 Corps Signals,
Home Forces.

Dinner time

Dear All,

Just a few lines hoping this reaches you by Saturday. There’s nothing particular to tell you except that the weather here is really marvellous for Feb’y. Yesterday in particular was very warm and sunny. Most of the chaps sat outside or went for a walk at dinner time. Today it is very nice but there is a slight breeze. I can’t imagine what it must be like down here during the real summer months.

This morning we went on what they call a “route march” here but it only lasted an hour.

Tomorrow morning we are marching to the Odeon to see some films. I suppose they will be training films but we shall be there from 8.45 – 12 so it will be a nice morning out. That seems to be about all there is to tell you. Of course I go out nearly every night but it is usually only to the YMCA or one of the church canteens. By the way one of the churches advertises badminton every Tues. and Thurs. and specially invites H.M. Forces so I am going to investigate.

Very pleased to get Gwladys’s letter on Tues. and thanks a lot or the book of stamps. When I read that I had posted a letter to you minus the stamp I remembered that I posted it just as the chap was emptying the box and in my haste to catch him I must have forgotten about the stamp. I suppose you had 5d to pay. If it cometh to any more I will repay thee when I passeth by that way again!

My civvy shoes are standing well. I wear them quite a lot here and I can get them repaired when necessary.

I don’t think I shall need my other pair of gloves as it is so warm. Of course it may get cold even yet but my others are in quite good condition.

Must close now, and catch the 2 p.m. post. We are on parade in 4 mins.

Yours with love,

John xxxxxxxxxx

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