Sunday 21st February 1943 – “I quite enjoyed being on guard but nothing special happened”

Sig. Moore J.T.,
H.Q. 3 Company,
12 Corps Signals,
Home Forces.


Dear All,

Just a few lines before I turn in for the night. Parcel arrived today, the post is pretty good on the whole at this place. I was also pleased to get Dad’s letter yesterday containing all the latest odds and ends. Glad you gave Aunt Clara that warning and I hope she wasn’t funny about it. I had been wondering how I could do it but I shan’t have to do it now.

I quite enjoyed being on guard but nothing special happened.

Yesterday chiefly to put Mam’s mind at rest and partly to give myself the morning off I went to see the M.O. There was no need for this really but I thought I might as well go. He was rather Dr. Goodwin’s type: “There’s nothing to worry about, it’s just the effects of a cold. I’ll give you a couple of tablets and an inhalant and I want you to come for the same treatment at 6. They’ll do you good”. Well I did this and I’m all right now. We had a service in the mess room this morning and I never missed a note on any of the hymns.

I went to the Odeon last night and saw two good pictures. Seems as if pictures on Sat. night will be a regular thing for us from now on.

The officer explained what the future holds for us. It appears that he is going to put us in for BIII as soon as we are up to standard and he thinks that will be in a fortnight or so. With regard to leave he said that we couldn’t have 7 days unless by the time we get BIII it is 3 months since our last leave, and it doesn’t look as if it will be. However he said that he would arrange for us to have 72 hour passes in the meantime and this would be very useful. It would be from about 3 p.m. Friday to 11 o’clock Monday night. After that he said we should be here for another 9 or 10 weeks. This would take us up to May and the weather down here will be hot and summery long before then.

Dad asks if this talk about classes on poultry keeping is correct. Well, in a way it is because down here we have once a week a sergeant from the Army Education Corps to talk to us about various topical events etc. They have a centre somewhere in town and evening classes are run for various subjects and I suppose if enough interest was shown they would arrange to start poultry keeping classes. But I’m pretty sure there’s no interest at all. I feel tempted to brush up my French again. I don’t see that it’s any use doing anything in the Bldg. Soc. line because it’s really impossible to study properly. Besides I don’t know if I shall stay in building socty. work after the war.

No more for now because I am very tired,


John xxxxxx

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